Neodymium Speaker Magnets

  • Neodymium Speaker Magnets
Detail Introduction

Sintered neodymium magnet are widely used in speaker, it provides a permanent magnetic

field for the speaker coil, which is embedded in the paper of the speaker cone. When the

audio signal flows throw the speaker coil, it generates a small magnetic field. This small

magnetic field is repelled to the permanent magnetic field. Thus the paper cone moves

away from or closer towards the back of the speaker. Hence as the strength of the audio

signal wiggles the paper cone wiggles back and forth, and you get sound waves that

match the audio signal. 

Ordinary ferrite magnet is mainly used for low-end headphones. Neodymium magnets

for high-end headphones, so it has better sound quality, good elasticity, good voice

performance, and accurate positioning of sound field. 

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